Why Does Purpose Matter?

To give in to the concept of Purpose in your business is the most relevant and brave thing you can do for your company, especially during times like these.

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5 min readAug 2, 2020


“People’s sole purpose when opening a business is to make money.”

How many times have I heard business people say those words? Countless.

There are people who believe that, when it comes to opening a business, it’s all about the money. The truth is, we can’t blame the incredulous, because in many cases the real reason behind a company’s foundation is not yet conscious. It’s hard to burst the bubble on what’s actually driving entrepreneurs.

So, let me be a needle.

I’ll start with this: Under those rational beliefs, lies misunderstanding of what Purpose is.

Don’t get me wrong. I agree with the notion that the triumph of a company will never solely depend on a pretty catchphrase. No statement that sounds charming is the foundation of success. However, the purpose of Purpose is far from being a trap to trick people into impulsive buying, or to only achieve wealth.

One can’t deny that Profit is one of the most desirable consequences when opening a company. Whenever we create something of value for a market, it’s expected to get something of value in return. Yet, that’s not what really injects energy into business.

People who believe in Purpose for Brands, don’t see it as text-book marketing conceptual theory, like filling up the SWOT matrix. Purpose is not something you create, debate on. It’s a gut feeling, something that is ever-present.

When it comes to Purpose, the question is not rather your company has it or not.

The most legitimate question is: Are you going to let it flow into your business, or are you going to block it?

You have to understand that every single business idea carries, deep in itself, the ideals of its creator.

Purpose is about accomplishing ideals for your Self, using your Brand as vehicle. Your WHY was always there, way before the WHAT.

Think about your business Idea. What’s your secret wish behind it all? Here’s some possibilities in order to give you some tips: Stability, Independence, the urge to prove yourself worthy, to give a solid future to your kids, to boost our self-esteem, to feel powerful and respected, for Freedom or Autonomy, to be remembered, to become a better person, or to find Balance and Holiness… These are just to name a few.


I recently watched ‘The Social Network” again, with its brilliant story about the birth of Facebook. At some point, Mark Zuckerberg expresses his desire to become a billionaire. Many people might think that becoming the wealthiest 20-year-old in the world was his Purpose. But watch the movie again. You will notice that the reason behind his creation had something to do with a rejection of a girl. He also feels rejected when his buddy Eduardo is selected to join a well-selected Harvard fraternity. Inside every code that blossomed into Facebook, lies a strong ideal of feeling accepted, a desire to be part of a tribe. The ideal of Belonging shows both sides of its coin, acceptance and rejection. You can see how this ideals ignite the company, as they breathe through every pore of this Brand. Think about the buttons of “add”, “like”, “dislike”, “share”… They’re a materialization of those deep desires.

The Social Network — Columbia Pictures

This is the soul of Purpose. Those deep ideals, and many unconscious triggers making your heart pump and create something for the world… those are the uplifting energy of Brand Creation.

What ignites Purpose are ideals seeking to become real.

Purpose is the force that seeks to take shape. In order to achieve it, it starts by grabbing a set of specific human tools. Which ones? Your unique talents. It uses your super powers. Like an energy conductor, Purpose put those powers into good use, where they’re most needed.

Purpose is the energy that connects you to what’s missing in the world.

“Where your talents and the world’s needs cross, there lies your Purpose.” — Aristotle.

Purpose is capable of illuminating your best assets, things you can control, in order to reach the ones you can’t, the world’s needs.

The place where you can’t control things is called Chaos. Everything that’s out there, calling for structure. We shouldn’t always see Chaos as necessarily something bad, but something with potential for transformation. Within Chaos there’s always something missing that needs to be fulfilled. Many problems seeking for an answer. It’s a place filled with challenges, threats, but also possibilities. For the ones focused on business, inside chaos lies also many opportunities.

And if you go for it, you’ll come up with a tangible solution shaped as a Brand. Your unique talents will guide on how to bring Order. When Purpose happens, is like bringing light into darkness. Thus, Purpose brings order into chaos.


Did you know that Hawaiians believe that surfing is sacred, the perfect balance between order and chaos? Yes, Purpose is the energy that drives you into balance, inspiring you to surf, instead of drowning or staying at the beach, watching everything from a distance.

That’s the essence of Purpose, to let your Brand represent your ideals, letting you in control, while using the right energy to give an answer to what’s out there, calling you.

You may think that a business idea in your head came to you because you analyzed the market and saw an opportunity. Wrong. Think again.

The only reason you were able to see that possibility, and think of a possible answer to it, is because your Purpose is trying to reach the world, using YOU as tool to find a perfect match. This is why people come with different business ideas all the time.


Because it gives life to ideals that illuminate the path of branded ideas. Purpose in business spreads this effect, for people who share the same dreams as the Brand are also touched by it.

This means that if your company is listening to its Purpose, you are bringing more order to the world, making it a happier place. Well… so why would you pretend it doesn’t exist?

You and your Brand need Purpose more than ever, because Chaos has many forms. This year’s pandemic is certainly one of them. Many business will not survive. Others, have the chance to do something extraordinary, just by letting Purpose take the lead. I hope that’s your case. For sure, to listen to your business Purpose is to listen to that voice inside you that drives your dreams and ideals. Pay attention, for that voice will give you better chances of thriving, even during darkest times.

As far as we can tell, the sole purpose of human existence is to turn on a light in the darkness of mere existence. — Carl Jung.



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